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Difference between a cap vs filling


Difference between a cap vs filling

Always wondered what the dentist meant when they started mentioning caps or crowns? Or maybe you want a little more information on what a white filling is and what the difference between caps and fillings really are? If this is you, look no further.
Crowns or “Caps”:
Crowns, or caps as they are sometimes known, are restorations that are custom made for each patient and each tooth. They can protect or improve the appearance of your teeth and strengthen weak, cracked or decayed teeth. They also help to repair badly damaged teeth that may be chipped or discoloured and can even fix broken down fillings. A versatile dental crown returns teeth to their natural colour and shape and covers them above the gum line. They can be used on any tooth and can reshape your teeth to enhance your smile!

Modern white fillings may differ to what your saw as a child or what your parents may even have today! In the past, silver amalgam – or even mercury – were used for fillings and they were extremely visible in the mouth. Not only that, but they were generally aesthetically unattractive.
Nowadays, white fillings come in a very natural finish that is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t use mercury. These are easily molded and don’t contribute to worse long-term dental health like the older silver fillings.
Fillings are used to seal cavities and involves drilling of the cavity to remove any decaying tooth or damaged material. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause pain in patients. However, with the new modern composite white filling, less of the tooth needs to be removed to put in place a dental filling.

When looking at the difference between getting a cap and a filling, there are a few things you should consider. Generally, for minor tooth decay (like from drinking a few too many sugary drinks), a dentist will use a dental filling. A filling can be completed in one visit and might only cost a fraction of the price of a crown. But, fillings can break which may force you to make appointment after appointment to fix them. Crowns generally strengthen your own tooth and can be custom shaded to match the color of your other teeth.
Whatever dental solution you need, your dentist will be able to help with any questions and figure exactly what your teeth require for the ultimate smile!

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