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Techniques we use to calm nervous kids at the dentist


Techniques we use to calm nervous kids at the dentist

All children who have either been, or it’s their first time visiting a dentist, require a slightly different approach to ensure they feel less anxiety and stress. Our job is to ensure all children we see have a great experience and to foster the importance of good oral care, which includes a regular 6 month visit to the dentist.

We take more time in communicating with children to ensure they are 100% comfortable before we proceed with any treatment. Whilst in the chair we also provide our young patients with children’s T.V programs via NETFLIX, which acts as audio and visual distraction to keep their mind away from the dental procedure.

In the rare case where the child is unable to be seen and sedation is required then we would consider referring off to a specialist paediatric dental clinic.

If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment, please contact us on 9826-3633 for patients wanting to see a Toorak dentist, South Yarra dentist, Prahran dentist, Malvern dentist, Hawthorne dentist and surrounding. Otherwise, we have our other practice located in Melbourne’s western suburbs to cater for patients seeking a Sunshine dentist, Braybrook dentist, St Albans dentist, Footscray dentist, Maidstone dentist, Maribyrnong dentist, Caroline Springs dentist and surrounding suburbs.

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