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Teeth Whitening Products That Just Don’t Work


Teeth Whitening Products That Just Don’t Work

In modern social circles, the perfect white smile is regarded as a necessity. This leads to Australians spending millions, if not billions, of dollars on teeth whitening products every year. They use these to try and remove the effects of nasty substances which discolour their teeth, including red wine, coffee, and cigarettes. However, since the sale of over the counter teeth whiteners is largely unregulated, many of them don’t work. Why waste your money on expensive cosmetic products which don’t work? Stop spending a fortune on these products now:


A mouthwash which claims to ‘whiten’ your teeth is probably not going to be very effective. Although it may contain hydrogen peroxide or some other form of peroxide, which is a whitening agent, the fact that the mouthwash only stays in your mouth for a short amount of time means that the peroxide has little chance to work. Yes, your teeth will probably be whitened fractionally by the peroxide, but not enough to ever notice. The only time that you would potentially see whitening effects from a mouthwash is if you were rinsing a number of times per day (let’s say ten times) and holding it in your mouth for a few minutes each time.


Many toothpastes claim to be ‘whitening’ and say that they will make your teeth shine like they are brand new. In most cases, this is just a clever marketing trick designed to get you to buy the product. They may help you maintain your teeth and keep them in a good condition after you have had them professionally treated by a dentist, but they probably won’t work very well alone.

UV Lights:

Although UV lights are often used as a tooth whitening aid or even as a tool on their own, there is no evidence that they work. Although many dentists use them, there is absolutely no proof that they actually whiten your teeth or speed up the process when used in conjunction with other products.

Baking Soda:

Although this is a very common home remedy used to whiten teeth, there is little to no evidence that it actually does anything. In fact, it is likely to do more harm than good. Instead of actually whitening your teeth and benefiting you in the way that you want, it will upset the balance of good and bad bacteria within your mouth.

Although there is a lot of over the counter tooth whitening products on the market, the majority of them either don’t work or will harm your mouth. Your best option is to visit the dentist and get your teeth treated by a professional who knows what they are doing.

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