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The Classic Benefits of Flossing


The Classic Benefits of Flossing

Most people know that dental health plays an important role in our overall wellbeing but this fact is sometimes underappreciated. In addition to brushing your teeth at least twice a day another way to maintain our teeth’s good health is by flossing regularly. Many studies and research often link oral health to various systemic diseases and this is why it’s important to always pay particular attention to dental health.

Inflammation, gum disease, and tooth decay all start from bacteria in our teeth, which is why regular flossing should be a crucial part of everyone’s dental care routine. The classic benefits of flossing are many and varied; so here’s why we advocate adopting the routine into your regular oral health:

The Importance of Regular Flossing 

As mentioned above, bad oral health can lead to a whole host of medical problems including bad breath and more serious issues such as a higher risk of pneumonia or heart disease. While your diet is one of the biggest factors that can affect your dental health, good practises such as regular brushing and flossing play an important part too. The classic benefits of flossing include helping to remove minute pieces of food as well as the bacteria that cause plaque from our teeth.

If it is allowed to build up, plaque may cause inflammation of the gums or turn into tartar, which is more difficult to remove through brushing or flossing. Using floss means you can maintain the upkeep of clean, healthy teeth that are less likely to cause you any problems. A recent report has claimed that these benefits are unproven but the bottom line is it much more beneficial to always be pro-active about looking after our health, dental or otherwise.

In addition to keeping plaque and tartar build-up at bay, flossing also helps to prevent gingivitis and can sometimes help to brighten teeth and thereby improve their cosmetic appearance. Your teeth immediately feel cleaner, and the habit can also help you to spot early signs of gum disease and problems with your teeth, which would allow you to have these dental issues corrected before they escalate.

Flossing your teeth is easy, and soon becomes part of your natural routine once adopted as part of your dental regime. Simply use a piece of floss wrapped around each of your index fingers to gently scrub your teeth by flossing back and forth as well as up and down, taking care to clean adjacent teeth as well.

Regardless of the debate around flossing, looking after your teeth is an important aspect of your overall health, and flossing plays a support role in that. All these classic benefits mentioned above mean you get to have clean, healthy teeth, better oral health and improved overall wellbeing.

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