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Cost-Effective Dental Implants In Melbourne


Care Family Dental provide easy, effective, and affordable dental implants at all of our four clinics of Melbourne that are based in Port Melbourne, Toorak, Sunshine, and Templestowe. Our dental implants help to replace old diseased teeth with artificial titanium teeth for longevity and comfort. It is one of the most natural and comfortable ways to replace your missing teeth.

The success rate of our dental implants available at our clinics in Port Melbourne, Sunshine, Toorak, and Templestowe is unparalleled in the dental care industry because we use latest technology and equipment to provide quality dental implant solutions to make you comfortable and boost your self-esteem.

How Our Dental Implant Procedure Works For You

We have a team of highly qualified professionals who provide a dental implant service within an affordable range. We are renowned for offering care, warmth, and comfort along with quality dental care solutions. This is the reason why our patients’ satisfaction rate is increasing every day.

Thorough Examination & Consultation

A thorough examination of your diseased tooth is done by our expert dentist at Care Family Dental.

This initial examination is provided completely free of charge. We take photographs and X-rays of your tooth and on the basis of that our expert dentist will determine a suitable treatment for your tooth.
Our experienced dentist will ask you to have a bone scan of your jawbone to ensure that your bone density supports the dental implant service.

Dental Implants

We give local anaesthesia to a patient while placing the dental implant into their jawbone. Our expert dentist will give instructions for post-operative care for fast healing and pain relief. Healing time depends on your bone density and body metabolism.

Abutment Attachment

We make impression moulds of your teeth and bite for your implants. Using these moulds, our professional dentist makes a custom fabricated crown, bridge, or abutment. When your dental implant gets healed and become osseo-integrated, we attach an abutment to the implant after uncovering it.

Fitting of Crown

This is the last step of our professional dental implant service that is available at our clinics in Port Melbourne, Toorak, Sunshine, and Templestowe. The expert and skilful dentists of Care Family Dental will attach the artificial tooth or crown to your implant.

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