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Our expert dentists are known for their exceptional professionalism and reliability in all comprehensive services including wisdom teeth removal. Our aim is to provide a stress-free environment to all patients irrespective of their age groups while receiving wisdom teeth removal services. Our patients prefer to visit our clinics in Port Melbourne, Templestowe, Toorak, Gisborne, and Sunshine because we apply excellent painless extraction procedures for removing your wisdom teeth to prevent serious complications.

Care Family Dental provides root canal treatment to patients of all age groups. Our qualified root canal dentists are renowned for providing endodontic treatment in order to save those teeth, which have been badly damaged due to disease or decay. Our root canal treatment service is renowned for making use of the latest techniques and dental equipment to minimise your anxiety and alleviate your concerns.


How Our Wisdom Teeth Removal Service Works for You


Care Family Dental have a team of highly proficient dentists who have extensive experience in performing wisdom teeth removal treatments. Our wisdom teeth removal service can overcome the most complicated wisdom teeth removal situations because our dentists have undergone specialised training and are experts in this field.

Our wisdom teeth removal service can be arranged to include sedation or sleep dentistry in case of the wisdom teeth removal procedure is painful or difficult. In this case, the extraction procedure is performed while you are sedated or asleep.

The gum is sutured after the wisdom teeth have been removed. We place a bite down on gauze in your mouth to help to control any bleeding. We offer you a post-operative kit upon discharge, which consists of the medical prescription, post-operative instructions, and follow-up appointment as per the requirement.

Other than wisdom teeth removal, we also offer child dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency treatment, implant, teeth whitening, and more. To know more or book an online appointment click here or call us directly at 03 9826 3633.


Wisdom teeth can be immense trouble and cause a great deal of pain when erupting. It is really important to keep up with regular dental check-ups, so your dentist can keep an eye on your wisdom teeth, or third molars, and ensure they aren’t causing any problems.

Wisdom teeth can require treatment in children as young as 12 and, if they aren’t dealt with or removed, these teeth continue to cause problems but with increased frequency, especially after the age of 30.

Wisdom teeth need to be removed before they have a fully developed root structure, so they do not cause infection, crowding or cyst formation.

Cyst formation:

When looking at cyst formation, we are talking about fluid-filled “balloons” that are inside the jaw bone and develop because of impacted teeth. These cysts will eventually destroy adjacent jaw bone and occasionally teeth if they are left untreated and allowed to expand. This is a form of non-infectious disease that must be treated by removal of wisdom teeth in your teenage years. Although extremely rare, if you leave wisdom teeth untreated and delay their removal, there is also a possibility of developing tumours in the region.


A number of factors can lead to the crowding of teeth, especially after braces and in early adulthood. Impacted wisdom teeth may be a contributing factor to crowding and can be seen more easily in some patients front teeth. Unfortunately, it is more likely to be seen if you’ve previously had braces. You may even find that you’re biting your cheek a lot and this is due to crowded wisdom teeth grating against the cheek. It is extremely important to get your teeth checked regularly, as removing wisdom teeth is important so we can prevent long term damaged to your teeth or gums and even your jawbone.


Last, but definitely not least, the most common form of ailment to do with wisdom teeth eruptions is localised gum infection, or pericoronitis. As with most other wisdom teeth issues, lack of space and an inability to completely erupt, can cause the gum tissue surrounding the tooth to become irritated or infected. This in turn can lead to recurring pain or swelling.

To determine if your wisdom teeth have to be removed, your dentist will perform some x-rays. It may turn out that you only require some teeth removed or all of them. Depending on the severity or complexity of your wisdom tooth situation you may have your extraction performed in the dentist chair using a local anaesthetic. Or if the situation requires it, the surgery may involve the operating theatre and being under a general anaesthetic.

So, look out of infections, ulcers, frequent cheek biting or pain, crowded teeth and painful or swollen gums – as these could all point to complications arising from wisdom tooth eruption and may require immediate action. If you do require surgery or wisdom teeth removal, your dentist can guide you through all the steps and find the best solution for you and your teeth!

We at Care Family Dental Toorak also provide dental implantschild dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. To know more about our all dental treatments browse website or give us a call on 1300 99 1300.


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