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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our expert dentists are known for their exceptional professionalism and reliability in all comprehensive services including wisdom teeth removal. Our aim is to provide a stress-free environment to all patients irrespective of their age groups while receiving wisdom teeth removal service. Our patients prefer to visit our clinics in Port Melbourne, Templestowe, Toorak, and Sunshine because we apply excellent painless extraction procedures for removing your wisdom teeth to prevent serious complications.

Care Family Dental provides root canal treatment to patients of all age groups. Our qualified root canal dentists are renowned for providing endodontic treatment in order to save those teeth, which have been badly damaged due to disease or decay. Our root canal treatment service is renowned for making use of the latest techniques and dental equipment to minimise your anxiety and alleviate your concerns.


How Our Wisdom Teeth Removal Service Works for You

Care Family Dental have a team of highly proficient dentists who have extensive experience in performing wisdom teeth removal treatments. Our wisdom teeth removal service can overcome the most complicated wisdom teeth removal situations because our dentists have undergone specialised training and are experts in this field.

Our wisdom teeth removal service can be arranged to include sedation or sleep dentistry in case of the wisdom teeth removal procedure is painful or difficult. In this case, the extraction procedure is performed while you are sedated or asleep.

The gum is sutured after the wisdom teeth have been removed. We place a bite down on gauze in your mouth to help to control any bleeding. We offer you a post-operative kit upon discharge, which consists of the medical prescription, post-operative instructions, and follow-up appointment as per the requirement.

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For more information and queries on root canal treatment and wisdom teeth removal services, feel free to contact us on 1300 99 1300 or at any of our dental clinics in Port Melbourne, Templestowe, Toorak, and Sunshine. We are open on Mon – Sat from 8.00 – 18.00.