Types of Braces and Cost in Australia

Professional Dental Care for Children’s Braces – Types and Cost

Dental experts are urging parents to take children as young as eight to orthodontists for potential braces, after a rise in the number of Australians using DIY teeth-straightening kits during the recent Covid lockdowns.

An alarming number of parents have revealed to their dentists that they had turned to home remedies because they were unable to go to the dentist to afford the braces cost in Australia.

There has been a rise in adults turning to home treatment kits as well, after being unable to face the types of braces and cost for adults in Australia.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists warned against DIY methods on social media, emphasising the importance of professional assessment, as delayed treatment may result in irreversible damage, leading to higher costs for corrective procedures.

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Types of Braces and Cost in Australia for Kids: Making Informed Choices

Orthodontic care is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy smile, especially for children. As young as eight, kids are advised to see orthodontists for potential braces, a preventive measure that can save both teeth and money in the long run.

In the wake of DIY teeth-straightening kits and the challenges imposed by Covid restrictions, seeking professional orthodontic guidance becomes even more imperative.

The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) emphasises the significance of early orthodontic intervention for children. ASO specialist orthodontist and spokesperson Dr Theresia Sudjalim said that post-Covid, more children are presenting with urgent orthodontic needs, including potential extractions that could have been avoided with earlier intervention.

“Unfortunately, some children are now requiring the extraction of adult or baby teeth, however, if they were seen earlier by a paediatric or general dentist, they would have likely had less invasive treatment and the teeth could have been saved with restorative treatment, such as fillings,” she told News Corp.

“I’m seeing more patients at VCE and early university age, who would have preferred to have commenced and completed orthodontic treatment at an earlier age. As such, they’re seeking faster treatment and more aesthetic treatment options.”

Various types of braces are available, each with its unique features and costs. Traditional metal braces can range up to $9000, while options like ceramic braces and clear aligners may reach up to $9500. Lingual braces, a discrete choice, can go up to $15,000.

1. The Pitfalls of DIY Teeth-Straightening Kits
Amid the rise of DIY teeth-straightening methods showcased on social media, caution is warranted. DIY methods, such as using hair elastics or inexpensive direct-to-consumer clear aligner kits, may seem appealing due to lower costs and apparent convenience. However, the ASO strongly warns against these approaches, emphasising potential permanent damage to teeth and gums, leading to costly remedial treatments.

“The ASO’s view is that starting orthodontic treatment without having a face-to-face consultation with a specialist orthodontist and their clinical team exposes the patient to significant potential risks, such as incorrect treatment plans and misdiagnosis,” an ASO spokesman said.

Girl With Metal Braces

2. How Much Does Braces Cost in Australia?

At Care Family Dental, we understand how crucial a well-aligned smile is to your self-confidence and oral health. We offer a range of affordable braces suited to your specific needs, ensuring you can beam a beautiful smile with confidence.

The cost of braces varies depending on several factors, including the type of braces chosen, the severity of teeth misalignment, and the experience of your dentist.

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3. Braces Cost Australia and Medicare

While the cost of braces in Australia can be substantial, certain healthcare benefits may help offset these expenses. We are commonly asked by parents if they can get braces for their children using Medicare. The answer is no, unfortunately, except in extreme cases involving dental trauma and surgery.

4. How Much Do Braces Cost with a Healthcare Card?

Care Family Dental is partnered with all of the leading healthcare providers in Australia which can greatly assist in reducing the cost of braces in Melbourne. In terms of how much you will be out of pocket, we advise that you speak to your healthcare provider and discover what you are eligible for.

5. How Much Do Braces Cost for Kids in Melbourne?

If you’re thinking about getting braces in Melbourne, the price for regular metal ones usually falls between $3,000 and $9,000. If you’re into the clear ceramic or lingual braces for their cool look, be prepared to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. To get an exact quote that suits your needs, why not schedule a consultation with our awesome dentist at Care Family Dental?

6. Payment Plan Options

We know that investing in braces can be a big step. To help you manage the costs, we have several payment plans that can make this important treatment more budget-friendly. Our team is always here to chat about these options, so feel free to bring up any questions during your consultation.

If you’re ready to take the leap and start your journey to a dazzling smile, why not give Care Family Dental Clinic a ring? You can reach us at 1300 991 300 for a no-cost consultation with our skilled orthodontic dentist. Let’s explore together if braces are the right choice for your smile transformation.

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