Cost of Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening in Melbourne
There is nothing better for your confidence than flashing a bright, white Hollywood smile. It makes us feel like a celebrity, right here on the streets of Toorak in Melbourne.

Unfortunately, there are many cheaper, ineffective forms of teeth whitening flooding the market and bombarding us on social media. It makes choosing the right option difficult and you could also risk your health if you choose the wrong teeth whitening solution.

For those reasons, choosing teeth whitening with the reliable dentists at Care Family Dental in Toorak, Melbourne is always your safest and most reliable choice. Concerned about the cost of teeth whitening in Melbourne? Read on to discover why you are going to get maximum bang for your buck with our trusted dental team.

The Benefits of In-office Teeth Whitening at Care Family Dental

Immediate Results – Quick and Convenient Process

Over the counter and teeth whitening kits purchased on the internet take time to work – if they work at all. You are going to have to spend hours, days and weeks before you see any sort of result. With Care Family Dental, you will walk out of our clinic with an instantly whiter smile.

Tailored Treatments for Best Outcomes

A major issue with teeth whitening kits your order online is that they assume that everyone has the same teeth. However people can have discoloured or stained teeth for a variety of reasons and some of them are not going to be treated by a simple teeth whitening process. When you visit our trusted dental team, you will be getting a complete check-up so we can spot any other dental issues before they become major.

Fastest Path to a Brighter Smile

Our in-office teeth whitening procedures are the quickest way to revitalise your smile. While we advise avoiding certain foods and drinks for a short period post-treatment, there’s no downtime. You can resume your everyday activities immediately. Plus, our safe and effective procedures can be repeated in future appointments if you wish to enhance your smile further.

Teeth white

Personalised Consultation with Our Dentists

Opting for in-office treatments also provides you with a valuable opportunity to have a one-on-one discussion with our dental specialists. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what to expect from the procedure, receive advice on aftercare, and learn about lifestyle adjustments that can help maintain your results. Additionally, this consultation can help identify any other treatments that might benefit your oral health or enhance your smile.


How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of teeth whitening in Melbourne varies significantly, depending on the method used and the clinic you choose. In-chair teeth whitening, for example, can cost up to $700. Zoom teeth whitening is a well-known brand in teeth whitening treatments, offering both in-chair and at-home options. In Australia, Zoom in-chair teeth whitening can cost around $675, while at-home kits are typically priced at $450. Laser teeth whitening is more affordable at around $220 for 20 minute sessions, but multiple appointments may be required.

Best Teeth Whitening in Melbourne

Your teeth are very important and your oral health is especially important to us. We don’t advise taking cheaper risks with teeth whitening, as it can lead to more problems down the track.

When you visit the team at Care Family Dental, you will receive a thorough check-up, a deep teeth cleaning service and a trusted and reliable teeth whitening treatment at a cost you can afford.

Book in your consultation today and start enjoying that Hollywood confidence immediately.

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